Does God ever listen?

Posted on March 25, 2009


How many of believe that God doesn’t listen to prayers? I can see hands go up almost instantaneously. And like all of you, I used to believe the same. Until…

Last year, around August, I found out that three people I only knew of had 2 different forms of cancer.But I knew people who were connected with these three people. One was a roommate whose cousin had Leukaemia, one was a best friend whose aunt was diagnosed with breast cancer and another was a friend’s girlfriend who was diagnosed with Leukaemia.

I was stricken. Scary illnesses and I have a close connection. I lost my mother to Alzheimer’s and two aunts to differnt forms of cancer. I felt helpless and somehow I needed to reach out to all my friends in their need to understand and deal with the disease.

I couldn’t do anything much, so my friend, Roberto and I, began to pray daily. Morning and night. We prayed for healing and we prayed for strength – not for us – but for the stricken and their families. We prayed on days we were happy, we prayed on days they had their chemo and radiation, and we prayed even on days when we felt down and out owing to our own circumstances. Some days we just didn’t feel like praying because we were hurt, because we were fighting with our loved ones, but somehow we gathered courage to pray for these three people. We prayed for guidance for the doctors treating them, that they may give the right treatment, etc. Finally, the prayers became automatic, whether we were in the mood or not, we would just go right ahead and do it.

In the second week of March, it was about 8 months since we had begun praying for these people, when we found out that all 3 of them had responded to treatment and were doing well. In fact, 2 of them were showing no cancerous cells in their last tests. And the third one’s haemoglobin was showing 13, not only above average, but higher than it had ever been whilst she was healthy!

In that one moment, I felt so relieved, jubilation began to set in. It made me feel that life is worth living for. Very different from the time I used to hate God. I had prayed really hard for my mother to get well. And when she got worse and worse, I began to switch off from God. I believed that he was a mean and sadistic God and I stopped trusting and praying.

It was twelve years before I prayed for the first time last year. When I found out that the three people were doing well, I realised that I was very wrong as a child. God does listen to prayers. It is just that we want her to listen to OUR prayers that will do US good. And when that doesn’t happen, we get disappointed.

I know that today my prayers are mostly to thank God for the lives of these three people and the most important lesson that they wordlessly taught me πŸ™‚ Will you pray for someone you don’t know and experience the joy of life?