The Soul Mate

Posted on March 8, 2009


A question intrigues me, why is it that we think a soul mate has to be of the opposite sex? Or that there is just one single soul mate? Or that soul mate has to be romantically involved with us?

I met Chani when I was about 12 years old. She was one year my senior in school. We used to participate in Garba competitions together. We used to drive the entire crowd nuts during the practice sessions by dancing the garba in exaggerated ways to bollywood numbers 🙂

And then we would part…till the following year, when the Garba competition would be announced.

It was at one of these Garba competitions at the fag end of the school life that we became friends…for life. For the last decade, Chani has tried to convince me that we’re soul mates…but I did not believe her, till February 21st 2009.

I was in Delhi for a friend’s wedding and was staying with Chani. It was a lazy Saturday morning and we decided to do Yoga together. Now, if you know both of us, you will realise that after such a long time, we have finally something in common. Otherwise, except our mad streak and tempers, what can an AVP with Ernst & Young and a pauper social worker educationist possibly have in common!

We did our asanas in separate parts of the room; she even helped with one of mine. And then we sat to chant the “AUM” at the end of the session.

We sat on the bed, overlooking the verandah, the sun streaming in, the traffic slowly zoning out of our consciousness. And we began “AUMMMMMMMMMM”.

For fifteen minutes, in absolute unisun, our voices resonated through the room, anyone would’ve said, only voice could be heard….”AUMMMMMMMMMMMM”. When we opened our eyes, I felt my entire being in complete sync with my soul. I have chanted the “Aummmmm” with several people with whom I have meditated, but never have I felt my entire being just sit up in total satiety.

When I turned to her…no words were required. She said she felt the colour blue – it signifies “peace and healing.”

And in that moment I knew…we were one…!

“Aum-en” to that!