A Dog’s World…

Posted on February 26, 2009


Disclaimer: I hate dogs, I am scared of them and think they’re a menace.

I have really irritating neighbours who have the irritating habit of feeding stray dogs, who in turn make the building compound their residence (read TERRITORY). And every time I am around, they bark or run towards me. I hate them and I scream and shout and ensure everyone is awake. Well, if their actions can torture me, rest assured I will torture them back.

About a month ago, one such over-fed stray dogess (BITCH seems irreverent) gave birth to 3 pups on the ground floor. And another really ugly and shaggy dogess crossed her limits. She went up to the top floor, and lo! she gave birth to four pups on our terrace.

Oh, for a week or two, I walked about in dread. The wrath of new mothers fearing humans stealing their pups, I am told, is legendary. So I would walk about with fear, try not to look behind, but dread internally that I was being followed by either dogess.

Finally, the dogess from top decided her pups were now big enough to bring down, and she did. Now, we see the six pups drinking milk from either dogess! One mother feeds all the six babies, while the other mother rests or goes gallivanting!

Now, I wonder what we human beings would think of such behaviour! Unlikely that we will ever reach that level of animal sensibilities! Ah, society! I wish it were a Dog’s world!

And honestly, when I get home and I see the pups playing, it tugs my heart! I long to touch them and play with them. But I don’t. I am afraid.

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