The Girl Who Could Change The World

Posted on February 16, 2009


A hungry, naked child she saw,
She bemoaned at this heartless flaw!
“The world is so unfair,” she thought,
And tears to her eyes it brought!

Lonely and helpless she sat by the curb,
Her heart sinking and state of mind disturbed.
Then along came her friend, an angel in disguise,
He had a strange glint of optimism in his eyes.

He said, “Come let’s hold, a little earth in our hands.”
She looked at him in disbelief, she couldn’t understand.
“Hold a little earth in between your palms!” He said,
She was skeptical, but just obeyed him instead.

“And now,” said friend angel, “Give it a good shake!”
“Shake it, jiggle it, just do what it takes!”
And with eyes closed, she shook and shook it dearly!
He said,”Now, imagine all goodness has spread evenly!”

Then with a smile she opened her eyes,
She looked a little younger, but oddly she looked wise!
She felt her heart soar, and out she let a giggle,
“Remember,” said friend angel, “All the world needs is ONE jiggle!”

She rose, her heart so merry and blithe,
She went to the child with arms opened wide.
At first, the child looked a little surprised,
But finally they sat tracing sand patterns side by side.

For Anju and her magical ways!