The Ten Commandments Of Silence

Posted on February 12, 2009


Since the last few days, I have been plagued by irritating situations. I am constantly bothered by people, what they need from me, what they expect of me and what I want to do and would like to do. This mismatch has found me hassled and in screams 🙂 And now, while doing a task that I don’t really like or want to do, I found this gem. I am going to try this for the next few days, and my time starts now 🙂

1. Keep silent unless you have something worth saying.

2. Keep silent when you have said enough.

3. Keep silent until it’s your turn to talk.

4. Keep silent when you are provoked. This gives you time to clearly think of your actions and words that will follow.

5. Keep silent when you are tempted to be irritable.

6. Keep silent as you enter the church, so God can speak to you.

7. Keep silent as you leave the church, so the Holy Spirit can impress upon your memory the things you have learned.

8. Keep silent when you are tempted to gossip.

9. Keep silent when you are tempted to criticize unsolicitedly.

10. Keep silent long enough to think before you speak.

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