Facebook saves the day!

Posted on February 9, 2009


In December 2008, our office in Ahmedabad received a parcel from a school which contained some feedback on ASSET. The admin/logisitics people opened the parcel found out that our Bangalore office needed to respond to this, so neatly packed it into an EI cover and sent it off to us. Now, none of us knew which school had actually sent these responses!

The material lies with us for a while, we ask our Sales staff if they can help identify the school, but all leads hit a dead end. Finally, I went through some of the papers corresponding to another subject and found a teacher’s name on the paper.

We put it in goggle and found out that she has a facebook profile! And from her facebook profile, I found out the school she works for. We called the school, and hallelujah! It really WAS them who’d sent us the stuff.

So one month late, albeit, we’re now going to respond to them! Kudos to facebook and to my boss, Vishnu 🙂 who uses young technology to the fullest 🙂

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