If living were to be personified…

Posted on February 7, 2009


My friend, Anju wrote this really beautiful poem. For someone so young, to feel so deeply and express so poignantly, for me is awe and envy-inspiring.

Her blog post on a “breakdown” because of a “goodbye” coincided with my leaving Bangalore and returning home. So, I commented on the post saying that I was going to be around and that our thing with each other, wasn’t over yet.

So here’s what happened next! Albeit a little narcissitic, it made me feel warm and fuzzy inside 😀

Anju: lol, any way …
you know that poem on my blog … it isn’t really about you 😀
me: of course, I know that, dodo

Anju: lol
i thought you did …. and was killing myself wondering how i could tell you it wasn’t …

me: of course 🙂 I am such a fun person, no one would write somber stuff for me!

Anju: well, parts of it is …. but not all of it
me: Nope, it’s not for me.
Even people who love me deeply deeply, they remember only the fun stuff.
Painful stuff and me, just don’t together, unless I wrtie ite

Anju: hehe!
yes, I agree
You’re fun …. you’re life … if living were to be personified.

Thanks Anju, in times when I feel like cribbing and complaining, I will pull out this memory of probably the nicest thing someone ever said to me and cheer myself up 🙂