Environment…? Who That?

Posted on January 24, 2009


I remember this conversation with a dear friend Roberto when the Nano was introduced as a concept. People were rejoicing, but I had a grim look on my face. The reason? One more cheap reason to shun public transport and buy a private vehicle and pollute the air. I remember, he argued, “The TATAs have no moral responsibility towards the environment. The government should think about providing better public transport.”

A perspective all of us believe in and probably wholeheartedly support! But how many of us actually do something to stop ourselves from adding our two-penny-bit to the pollution that is skyrocketting!

I am the “crazy woman” in our office who stops people in our office from using plastic/thermocol/paper cups for their 2 cups of chai daily! I even tried innovative stuff like gifting merchandise for people who made the switch. But honestly, nothing really helps. 2 years and I am frustrated.

And then I was reuinted with a friend from school 13 years after passing out 🙂

Shantana Dutta…27 years old, an alumnus of Mount Carmel School (Ahmedabad) an MBA from SCMHRD, will make us all believe that the environment is OURS to protect and conserve. Alongwith her friend, Nirjar Bhatt, she has come up with various environment-friendly schemes/products/drives which show us how simply we can stop shirking our responsibilities and expecting all the solutions from the G.O.V.E.R.N.M.E.N.T

is an initiative aimed to provide urbanites and the like with these green living options – in form of Eco-products, Eco-services and Eco-initiatives. Greenergy solutions is also about – brining innovative solutions to waste issues – in ways which are cost effective, practical, sustainable and make not only environmental sense but an economic sense too.

To know more about Shantana or GREENERGY, you can visit the website or write to greenergy.in@gmail.com

A special request to all Amdavadis to forward this initiative to as many people as possible as the Calendar Drive is in full swing in the city right now! So click, and send this post to the HR department in your company!

Shaanu, proud to know you!

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