The Lone Tree

Posted on January 4, 2009


The tree, it stood alone against the tide,
The only living being left by the sea side,
The wave with it took all else that had been alive,
Now, stood only this withering oak upright!

One look would tell the many storms it had seen,
How splendorous and magnificent it had been,
Yet now only deathly decay remained,
As it bid its time, standing lone, estranged.

The beach was now a stinking graveyard,
The once lofty oak, alive, but deeply scarred.
How long before another wave would rise,
Plundering the tree away as its prize!

The oak now knew it had nothing more,
Its spirit was stolen, its body – battered sore.
It promised itself it wouldn’t fight,
It begged the sea to bring it respite.

But the wave didn’t come and the sea didn’t rage,
The tree was held captive, its worn body its cage.
It gained no strength; its leaves didn’t shed and revive,
But water and sunlight painfully kept it alive.

No one comes to sit under a decaying oak tree,
Once a king, now an empty wooden mockery,
The oak could do nothing but stand endlessly,
And hope for deliverance and mercy.

henri – Jan 4th

For me, don’t be the oak tree!