The cost of life…

Posted on December 1, 2008


What is the cost of life?
Who can say? The martyr’s wife?
Or the minister who thinks he can resign in shame,
To absolve himself of guilt and blame?

The cost of life, if you need to know,
Ask the terrorist who brought death in tow.
Has intentional killing ever brought glory?
Is the cost of life just a sad news channel story.

Can the cost of life be measured in money?
NO, says the dead hero’s family,
They got offered a fortune by a politico,
But they refused to be paid a price for their woe.

What is the cost of life, who can tell?
The innocents who were spared or the guilty who fell?
Who is responsible for this creeping death?
The harbinger of doom or the one who refutes the threat?

Does it matter how many came out alive,
To the ones who did not even have a shot?
Can we do something if together we strive,
To explain to ministers and terrorists the cost of life?

henri (Dec 1)

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