Tomorrow I will be okay…

Posted on November 29, 2008


This day I am enraged at a mighty intrusion,
I am damn indignant at this bold intimidation,
But how long will I remain motivated to fight?
I am only one, how can I help to set it right?

I check the news to see if it has ended, I often check,
And I beg myself to hold on, I beg myself to NOT forget,
Knowing that I’ll be forced to move on, I will be forced to let go,
Today I can cry all I want, Tomorrow I’ll have to stop though!

Soon I will not feel, the TV channel will be changed,
Yet right now I can’t help but feel deranged,
I sigh inwardly as I see the country shake to the core,
The building stands valiantly as it burns down a little more.

And the journos and politicos will soon be elsewhere,
So why do I need to pretend to be wounded and care?
It is not my house that was on fire, it happened far away,
Tomorrow I’ll give up this pretense, I can cry only today.

Can you do anything, will you do it? They ask,
I want to, I think silently, but I let it pass,
They ask – can you make your opinion be heard or matter?
I sit tight, wet tears now dry, I feel my resolve shatter.

Let me be today, tomorrow I will be okay,
This turmoil, this anger, will fade away,
I wish it hadn’t happened is all I can say,
I tuck myself to sleep, knowing well…

Tomorrow I’ll be okay!

for my apathy and indifference and cowardice! Nov 29th

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