The Longest Minutes

Posted on October 21, 2008



A moment in time, frozen and paused,
Unaware of the strife it kindled and caused,
Stood unmoving in front of me,
I was sure it was stagnant, it stood to be!

I felt indecisive, should I move or stay?
But it didn’t move as I inched away.
Time should pass, it isn’t meant to lock,
And my anger rose, as it began to talk!

“So you’re looking for change, are you?” It said,
“I wish for better times, yes,” I mumbled with dread.
“Then patiently and untiringly you must tread”
I should have spoken further, but instead I fled.

Who speaks to time? I wondered wearily!
Annoyed, I rebuked myself testily.
And in a corner, as I sulked and soliloquized,
The frozen moment re-materialized.

“My movement, my friend, is inversely proportionate,
To the impatience you feel and the urge to escape!”
But I am too sane to listen to the inanimate,
So I continued to fear and fume and fumble and fret.

I cried foul and I prayed for relief desperately,
But nothing changed, at least not immediately.
And when I was spent I sat still and serene,
I felt purged and calm and clean within.

The moment, it melted as peacefully slept I,
The rhythm of time moving felt like a lullaby!

Henri, October 21st

From “The Book of Mediocre Poetry”, Henri and Henri, 2008

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