Ode to the Twilight

Posted on October 17, 2008


As I looked sun ward by the sea side,
I saw the yellow-red ball and the orange-pink skies,
A thought came to me, as I stood mesmerised
This could be a sunset or it could be a sunrise!

I watched standing still as I knew it wasn’t long,
Before the spell broke and night or day dawned,
“Just for a few minutes!” I pleaded with my eyes,
“Let’s witness the metamorphosis of the sun and the skies!”

For soon it could be dark or sooner it could be light,
This timeless hour would hurriedly pass by,
Unperturbed and gently it would give up the skies,
Uncaring if its beauty was admired or eulogized.

‘Oh soon it will be back,’ I thought gladly,
Yet as it faded, I smiled a trifle sadly,
And soon night was born and the moon shined bright,
But I yearned for the crimson splendour of the twilight!

And as I walked away from the night and the sea,
A roving thought, like a bolt, struck me,
That as I mourned the beginning of the night,
A woman far away could be enjoying another twilight.

– Henri, October 16th, 2008

P.S. Both pictures are clicked by me at Carter Road, Mumbai, Jan 25th 2010

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