The Rabbi

Posted on October 6, 2008


Sobbing inconsolably a young woman sat,
In a space she thought her own,
Away from the world and its prying eyes,
She let herself cry freely and mourn.

And in a moment of unbearable pain,
She called upon God, His heavenly name,
Asking for deliverance and forgiveness galore,
But instead she found an old man at the front fore.

“Who are you?” She asked, “And how did you come in?”
“Oh, I have always been around,” he said, much to her chagrin.
He stood not speaking – he remained silent and still,
She stared at him eyes wide, and thus a battle began of will.

“Why have you come?” She demanded, “What for?”
“Well, I have received word from you, I stand here therefore.”
“Are you God, Mister?” She asked warily,
“Oh, I am just an old rabbi,” he replied merrily.

“So, Rabbi,pray will you tell what is it I should do?”
“But,what you ought to do is your choice, it’s upon you.”
“How then are you a Rabbi, if no answers you have brought!”
“Well, I just came to sit by you and watch you as you thought.”

“I am in pain Rabbi, I am, I am plagued by memories and sin”
“That’s your conscience speaking child, it all lies deep within.”
“How then, may I be freed of sorrow and fear?”
“Always let yourself believe that the Lord is near.”

“But I feel like there is no Lord,” she sobbed as she spoke,
“But the Lord is there, and he’s all about strength and hope.”
“So why does pain happen to those who live right, pray why?”
“Pain knows no right or wrong, each one lives, so each one must die.”

“But what am I to do, I am forsaken by the ones I love.”
“But they need YOU most today, so you mustn’t give up now.”
“They don’t need me, want me, what can I do to make it all okay?”
“Begin by saying a word of kindness, begin silently as you pray.”

“Pray that they make the right choice, and see the light of day.”
“Pray that they seek the Lord, pray that they don’t stray.”
“And pray that they remain happy, whether they go or stay.”
“And that is how you’ll find the Lord, and keep your pain at bay.”

She sat then deep in thought, she didn’t notice the Rabbi leave,
But as she rose, she felt so light; she felt no need to grieve.
And kneeling down, she sat and said a heartfelt prayer,
She felt the presence of the Lord, she felt his love and care.

– Henri, 6th October, 2008

Dedicated to those who seek God 🙂

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