The Rag Doll

Posted on September 19, 2008


A princess she’d been, with a pretty dress and shiny hair,
The li’l girl, who’d been her mother, had taken her everywhere.

Then craftily, one day she had been stolen from her home,
Thrown down in dust she was, her hair messed and dress torn.
A hole was made in her plastic back, and something stuffed deep inside,
And then she was brought to the market place and carefully tucked aside.

In a corner she sat alone, in the crowded market place,
None took notice of her, her dirt-ridden clothes and face.
The thumping shoes just noisily stomped by,
None saw the fear, the desolation, in her plastic eyes.

Women bargained, and businessmen traded,
But no one heard as the li’l rag doll pleaded.

Then along came a small unkempt tramp, who picked the toy and away ran,
She ran to her home, to the unused concrete drainage pipe, and then BANG!

Two lifeless li’l bodies lay, each organ to a million pieces shorn,
No one heard, no one was hurt, no one noticed the little rag dolls gone!

Henri, September 19th, 2008

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