Agni and the Funeral Pyre

Posted on August 13, 2008


Agni’s mother now had not much time,
Bells from afar rang out the chime,
A sign for mother to move ahead,
The unknown path she had to tread.

And mother knew not who sat by her side,
Though her eyes were opened wide,
For diseased death had settled in there,
Where once had lived affection and care.

Then Agni sang a soft sweet simple song,
For she knew her mother had not long,
She needed to her final goodbyes say,
Before mother quietly slipped away.

Agni’s song asked her if she may,
In her own way, her respects pay,
To the woman who had given her birth,
As she journeyed out from the earth.

“Can I mother, light your funeral pyre?”
“Can I ignite the purifying fire?”
“Can I finally set you free?”
But somehow it was not to be.

Into the chamber came her father booming,
Tradition and culture with him came looming,
“No girl shall come to the funeral grounds”, said he!
As Agni begged and pleaded for mercy.

But not a word was heard, as he led
The woman dead on her final bed.
With four strong men her mother went,
Agni crouched in a corner, her figure bent.

So deep was her grief, so deep her sorrow,
Agni vowed she would not see the morrow,
With petrol and oil she herself doused,
As she lit the match, the God of fire roused.

Mother lay burning, as Agni stood ablaze,
Both freed to unite as the holy fires raged,
Their souls rose together to heaven’s grace,
At the golden gate, Agni and mother embraced.

Girls can now light the funeral pyres,
Ignite for their loved ones, the golden fires.
Girls go to the funeral grounds thence,
That was Agni’s father’s penance!

Henri, August 13th

For my mother, miss you my darling!

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