The Stillness Within

Posted on July 16, 2008


In the Hindu traditions, we may have seen our parents and elders chanting mantras, for e.g. “Om Namah Shivay” or repeatedly chanting one of the names of God, “Hare Ram” or simply “Ram, Ram, Ram”. Many of us may have grown up adopting one of these methods and some of us wondering if any of these practices can bring us salvation.

My questions were the same, how will rituals or chanting bring us closer to God or help us achieve inner peace (I often oscillated between believing that God existed and that she didn’t). I found my answers while practicing the “Meditation on Twin Hearts”.

The Meditation On Twin Hearts basically helps us to purge all the negativity within us by showering blessings to every person, every being on Planet Earth. This is done by activating two chakras in our body. One is the heart chakra located at the centre of our chest and the other is the crown chakra located on top of our heads. We typically bless earth with divine peace, divine joy and illumination. After doing this for around 5-8 minutes, we gently shift our focus to the chanting of the mantra OM.

We allow ourselves to concentrate on a bright light on top of our heads and chant OMMmmmmmmmmm. As we chant, we breathe in and breathe out deeply. The chanting is slow and deliberate. There is a pause for a few split seconds before we chant again, OMMMMmmmmmmmmmmm. We are required to meditate on the pause between the two chants. It is in this pause that one can feel a complete stillness in one’s mind and body. Sometimes, we may also experience a burst of white light. It is in these pauses that we get united with our Higher Soul and God.

Once you experience the inner stillness, it is difficult to go out and be mean or nasty to others. It is difficult to let our pride and egos get the better of us. It is difficult for us to feel hurt when someone says something supposedly sarcastic to us. Basically, we slowly learn to maintain this split second stillness through the day, for we want to experience the pure bliss through the day.

Now I realise, that it is not only chanting OM , but the pause between the two chantings that helps in creating a peace within us. This chanting can be done by using “Amen” also. This is not a religious practice, but a spiritual practice.

The mind is aware of the horn blaring outside, the bird chirping sweetly, children chattering – but that is your mind – in that split second you are THE SOUL and what your mind does is immaterial. This oneness with one’s soul helps in avoiding generating negative karma and helps in focusing on maintaining equilibrium. You may avert a fight because you realise that even though your being right may prevail, it creates a disturbance within you. Also, allows you to listen so that you can examine if you’re really right. And slowly, all relationships become harmonious.

I feel a peace, a deep-rooted peace. I am not the body, the emotions, the thoughts or the mind – I AM the SOUL. I am that I AM. So be it. So it is.

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