For the Memory of a Song…

Posted on June 27, 2008


I watched him with my ears for
My eyes he was too far to see,
And he sang, oh soulfully sang he!
I felt he was singing just for me.

Each note of his rendition left
Me loving him much and more,
I gave up existing as myself,
I surrendered to him my core.

Of love and separation sang he,
He sang of unabashed joyful pain,
He sang of the splendorous monsoon,
And drenched me in the passion of the rain.

Against my hope faded the night
And he sang to worship the crack of dawn.
I slumbered lightly as he worshipped the early earth
When broke my reverie, I had renewed and rebirthed.

As lifted the curtain of sleep realised I,
I was alone, not a soul was in sight.
Emptily rose I as my heart began to heave,
Unbearably his voice echoed as I began to leave.

I remember him with my ears for
My eyes he was too far to see,
I saw not a glimpse of him clearly,
But the memory of his music will do for me.

–Henri, June 27th 2008

For the song makers…

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