The Many Interpretations of Silence

Posted on June 25, 2008


A display of hope, a watch, a wait,
A silent determination, an act of faith.
A reminiscence or an urge to forget,
A time for rumination, reflect or regret.

A yearning, a pining or even an unwinding,
A shameful secret, a self-imposed hiding.
A weighed deliberate intense quietness,
A sensuous crescendo and the following numbness.

A fullstop, a comma, a semi-colon, a hyphen,
A lull, a desire, a need, an anticipation.
A turning away from the outside, and looking inside,
A tide rising, and rising, as you hypothesize – will it subside?

A disciplined listening to the cacophony of the universe,
You reckon the minutes – the few moments to immerse.
And then you utter, or mutter, or just release a sigh,
The moment of silence just walks away, it bids goodbye.

— Henri, June 25th 2008.

For me, learning to accept and even invite the quiet…gradually!

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