Why Tyson Wouldn’t Jump

Posted on June 11, 2008


Tyson is a cute dog, a boxer, who lives on the ground floor of our office building. To the strays on the street outside, Tyson has it all. A huge ground to run about in, meals at their proper times, the odd ride in the master’s maroon Innova…Ah! A cushy life.

Boxers by nature are playful and need a lot of exercise to battle boredom and lethargy. They are supposed to be an agile and lean breed of dogs. But when you look at Tyson, the first thing that comes to your mind is “Awww, what a blob!”

When I first saw Tyson a few months ago, I was taken in by his eyes completely. They held a silent plea in them. A plea to pet him, play with him, pamper him – basically spend time with him. In the five months that I have been around, I have never ever witnessed the owners play with him or even call him with love and affection. Mind you, I spend over 9 hours in this building, so I would know if they did. It is unlikely that they did this before I came in, for sometimes, when I come in, the milk packet is still out on the porch.

People come and go, walk right outside the gate, where Tyson usually sleeps through the day, but he never gets up and barks. To think, I have heard him bark like four times in the last few months. And the only time he actually barks is when an unknown person rings the doorbell!

Tyson has a fat belly…quite unlike the lean-mean-killing-machine one would expect of a dog of this breed. He is well-fed, never goes hungry for a single meal, be warned. But there is no fire in his eyes. When I call him, he looks at me bored and bemused. Sometimes, he does grace me with a quick lick, but that’s about it.

Now this morning, as I came into work, I saw some activity in the garden where Tyson sits. There were a few people, and what did I see? Tyson’s master was out, holding a piece of stick in his hand and petting Tyson, who stood there, possibly wondering if everything was alright.

And then it happened…the master put the stick to Tyson’s nose. I prayed that he wouldn’t do what he was about to do! But he did! He held the stick high up, and said, “Tyson, come on JUMP!” Tyson stared at him blankly. “Tyson, JUMP, dog, JUMP” Tyson stared at him blankly.

This went on for exactly two minutes. Then the master threw the stick in disgust, muttered, “Lazy chap, useless dog!” and walked off in a huff!

Truly, it is a dog’s life! So why wouldn’t Tyson jump? Anybody?

henri, June 11th…

For Tyson, who I look forward to seeing every morning, I love you.

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