Revelation – By Accident

Posted on June 7, 2008


Annabel, 27, bright-beautiful-bold, finished yet another reasonably fruitful work day. Shutting down her laptop, she decided to head home. ‘Home! Ha!’, she thought to herself wrly. If an empty apartment, done up with junked knick-knacks and hand-me-downs, could be called home…then yes, she was headed there.

Annabel hated going into an empty house. She longed to come home to someone, or at least come home and be the someone, someone else came home to! That had been her only desire since the first time she began to date. But somehow, it never worked out. Now she was dating the most wonderful guy in the world, she admitted, but he refused to be tied down in holy matrimony just yet. He lived about 5 hours away and she saw him every other weekend. But it was the weekdays and the weekends she was alone that bothered her!

As Annabel began to get into her usual tirade of “Why Should I Be Lonely”, she began to loser control over her thoughts and over reality. She began to float in the air of negativity and repugnance. When she got like this, she could not really see situations objectively…her solitariness seemed insurmountable.

And then, as she was trying to get her bike off the stand, she lost balance and before she could hold herself, she fell – bike and baggage. For a few moments, she lay on the hard ground looking at the skies and watched people on the road look at her curiously, but merely passing by!

Annabel was angry, real angry! She felt tears stinging her eyes when she saw the clutch wire broken and even more frightened when she saw her hand bleeding profusely. She did not know whom to call! Keeping her wits about her, she decided to go to the nearest hospital.

The hospital was relatively less crowded considering it was a super specialty, high end five star facility. The on-call doctor saw her immediately. There was something about the doctor that made Annabel feel very comforted. He was old, but rather than looking loony, he looked assuring. He had long white hair and a long white beard and dark brown eyes. His skin was white-wheatish and he wore a white coat.

As he dressed Annabel’s wounds, she began to cry. Huge, ball-like tears began to flow and she shamelessly wept. “It’s okay sweetie, it is an open wound. I know it hurts, but I promise you it is going to stop after a while!”, he said to her sweetly.

“But it hurts so much, doc! My entire arm feels like it has hundreds of pins piercing through it. I can’t take it doc! And to think, I will have to go home and cook food, when all I want is someone to comfort me, let me sleep in their lap. Doctor, why does it happen like this!”

“It’s okay Annabel. Many people get hurt, some more, some less. Some die, some don’t. You won’t.”, he smiled. Annabel continued to cry, “Big cities are so lonely. My parents stay so far away, that if something serious would have happened, it would take days for them to even find out!”

The silvery doctor listened to her patiently. Finally, as he tied the last knot on her wound, he said, “I think you should be grateful that it has ended here. Imagine, even if your parents had been here, if you’d been hit by a truck, you’d have died on the spot! Some use, it would have been having them here. In fact, they could have been in the same car as you, and only you could have been killed! I’ve seen plenty of those cases, Annabel!”

“God is the only one who will be with you in those final moments anyway. The people on earth are just there to play small roles till the final time comes, and you finally need God to be with you.” And quietly the white-silvery-gray doctor walked out of the emergency room.

The sun was setting, his exit into the twilight seemed ethereal. ‘No wonder doctors are worshipped like God!’ mused Annabel as she walked out herself feeling less pain, less lost and more comforted.

henri, June 7th

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