Epiphany from a Jasmine Plant

Posted on May 8, 2008


Freeda had moved to a new city with her husband of three years. He became busy quickly as he had joined a new high-pressure, high-paying job. She used to stay at home and take care of the house.

Freeda and her husband were a very-much-in-love couple. But off late she had been noticing that they were having small and big arguments quite often. One day, her husband angrily told her, “Listen, don’t bother me all the time. I am really sorry, but I don’t really want to hear each and every thought in your head. I need some “me” time!”

Initially Freeda was very upset. But she loved her husband very much, and she intuitively knew that his outburst must have come after a lot of tolerance from his side. Finally, she bought two plants. One rose and one jasmine. She decided to focus all her attention on them.

She had many dreams of tending the plants to flower well. She imagined waking up to their fragrance every morning and spreading joy into their modest household. She watered the plants every morning and every evening. Religiously. She would remove the dried leaves and ensure no ants infested her beloved plants. Yet, to her dismay, she saw that both the plants continued to dry out. She thought, maybe they need more water and began watering them even more! Yet no result!

Once it so happened, that Freeda had to go out of town for 3-4 days. She assigned the duty of watering her dear plants to her husband. Her husband was a very busy man, yet he somehow found the time to water the plants in the morning. But every evening, he would invariably forget.

When Freeda came back, she was surprised to see that the Jasmine leaves were looking healthier. Without mentioning the health of the plants, she asked her husband if he had done anything special! He then confessed about his “callous forgetfulness” and about watering the plants only once. Freeda kissed both his cheeks affectionately, leaving her husband bewildered.

She had finally learned her lesson. Even love has to be monitored and is to be given in moderate doses. Too much love can kill as well. She began to water the plants just once, every morning, in moderate quantities. She also began to write her diary and not thrust all her thoughts upon her husband. She noticed that in two weeks, her husband was attentive and loving as before.

At the end of the month, the jasmine had flowered and the rose leaves looked healthier! So who said that life’s epiphanies come only from human beings!

Henri – May 8th 2008

Dedicated to one of my favourite couples! Love you guys!

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