The Street Sweeper’s Child

Posted on March 19, 2008


She sat by the road with scraggly hair and tattered clothes,
She ate hungrily from a plastic bag, unaware of her life’s woes.

All five fingers in the food and then into her mouth,
She stuffed herself with glee, uncaring if she was uncouth.

She watched carefully as her mother laboriously swept the street,
There was unabashed joy in her eyes, as if it were a special treat.

She seemed so peaceful with herself and the world around,
With only the skies overhead, and beneath, only hard ground.

Then she heard my scooter’s chug, and she jumped up with a start,
She saluted me, giving the brightest smile, and all putty went my heart.

The morning seemed pretty, and life seemed easy, with nothing about to mope,
A wonderful start to my day it was, it brought me strength and hope.

And then holding hands went mother and child to yet another lane,
To show another stranger the beauty of life, and not just to clean in vain!

Henri (19th March, 2008)

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