The Chronicle of One God

Posted on March 18, 2008


I came to Bangalore to live with my friend May about six weeks ago. Both of us were excited at the prospect of spending time with each other. And sure enough, we began having leisurely cups of tea every morning and late night Bible reading sessions.

May and I have nothing in common except mutual love and our womanhood, perhaps. She’s 53, a Born-Again Christian, a little forgetful, overly adorable and a highly affectionate woman. And me! I am all of 26, agnostic, but spiritualist who’s found peace in Pranic Healing and meditation. May and I, in jest ribbed each other about the other’s views on life, God and society. But it remained harmonious.

It is my perspective, of course, that May is somewhat fanatical about her views on there being one God, and that being Jesus. There being only one way to live, and that being by accepting Jesus as our saviour. Everything else is false, everyone else less accomplished.

Inspite of having had our arguments and heated discussions, both of us remained grounded in our faith and thus begins the recollection in this post.

I returned after a particularly exhilarating trip to Chennai and I found May sitting at the dining table with her friend.

ME: How has your week been?

May: It was wonderful, I attended the Healing retreat at the (Adonais) church.

Me: Wow, that must have been very interesting.

May: Ya, it was. It was completely exhilarating, and you know what…the pastor was praying over me, when he said, “May, there is an idol in your house which is stopping your spiritual growth.” But I told him there is no idol in my house, pastor. But he insisted. I was perplexed.

Me: That’s strange, you don’t have any idols around the house.

May: Yes, that’s what I told him, so finally he said that, “There is some kind of rite or practice taking place in your house then!”

I knew what May was driving at, but I did not know what to think till she said it aloud.

May: So I told him, yes one of my friends stays with me and she does this Pranic thing. So the pastor said, “Yes, that’s it then! This is against Christianity”

Me: Of course not. In fact, we use the prayer of Saint Francis of Assissi. We use so many of the Christian values in Pranic.

May: That all is fine, but you invoke for some blessings na…

Me: Ye-s-s-s

May: Yes, all this is anti-Christ.

When I heard those words, I froze. I ate my food in silence. I could not think, could not speak, could not react. But strangely I felt a calm come over me. In that moment, I know I felt God’s presence in my life.

I made a few calls and in a couple of hours, I had arranged to move in with one of my friend’s friends who lives really far away from my office, but it was an option.

The following morning, I informed May as nonchalantly as I could. I cannot deny that I had been hurt. But I had decided to let it go. It was HER house that I was living in. But still, I felt a little hurt. Not because I had to leave, but because she thought I was “anti-Christ”. She was also a little apologetic, a little embarassed. But we both knew that I would leave. She offered to let me stay on if I agreed not to practice at home, but I refused.

We decided to have a cup of tea and we went into the kitchen. She began brewing a pot while I sat chattering on the black granite platform, chattering away, as I had been doing since the day I moved in.

And then it was that my eyes went to the open loft in front of me. And I let out a scream! There, a little towards the inside of the loft, was an idol of Ganapati! I am sure, I hadn’t seen it before, May was sure she’d never seen it before either! We were both stunned with this turn of events.

I moved out that evening without the heavy feeling that I had felt the night before. It was as if Jesus and Ganapati met up, discussed my situation and absolved me of all accusations in a jiffy. I was at peace.

My friend May and I are going through a strangely distant phase. I don’t think she will speak to me again. All I can say is, I will miss her tremendously. I am thankful to her for caring for me like her own daughter.

I thank God for showing me that she/he exists in all the forms that people think she/he does! But in the end, she/he is just ONE!

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