Confessions of a mortal 20-something

Posted on February 7, 2008


January 1, 2008.

I was sitting at Lounge 9, when I watched her walk in – confident, svelte, oozing a loud sexual charm. She was the most beautiful girl I had set my eyes on in a long time. Dressed casually in a pair of jeans and a snug hooded jacket with elongated sleeves, she looked adorable, her kohl-rimmed eyes catty and out on prowl. I hoped she would sit on the table next to mine, and she did. But to my dismay, she was soon joined by a young boy and another attractive girl. They got into their conversation quickly, lighting up their cigarettes and lazily discussing the New Year’s Eve party from the previous day. It sounded like a bad-bad party πŸ™‚ The alcohol was flowing, pot was freely passed on and I gathered that all of them had been pretty “hammered”. The venue of this party was not clear though.

“Pinkkkk…!”, screamed the object of my affection. “Give it to me, Pink is a woman’s colour! You sissy boy! Give it to me.” I looked closer and realised that she wanted her guy friend’s zippo liter, which was pink in colour. I must admit, it was quite hot…hot pink…hot. The guy continued to suck on his cigarette, smirking and assuredly saying, “Pink is in baby! For men too!” I liked him suddenly. So I took the opportunity to join the conversation and quipped, “actually yes. Men with Pink are so irresistible!” She looked kinda sad, but flashed me a brilliant smile.

“Divanita!”, she said extending her hand. “Ekta”, said I as I took her soft, creamy hand into mine. The threesome continued to talk, and I continued to listen. Divanita was saying how she had had to bribe her maid to let her into the house the ‘other’ night when she and Aloysius were out on a drive and ended up having a couple of drinks. She went on to describe how she sneaked Aloysius into her bedroom, and robbed some of her father’s Jack Daniels, only to top it off with some wine and water!

Hmmm…so Aloysius was the boyfriend-like creature. My mind wandered to other things then. If there were drunken drives, sneaked boys in the bedroom, wouldn’t there be sex involved somewhere? I found myself getting a little alarmed. I felt silly, but couldn’t help it.

I watched them smoke, one cigarette after the another. Now and then, involving me in the conversation, which drifted to the city they came from. Bangalore! I should have known. The discussion drifted towards good places to ‘hang’ and I heard popular names being casually mentioned, “Zero G, Taika, Hint, Purple Haze, Opus”. Hmmmm regular party hoppers, then.

My mind was already in a dizzy, and then I heard my Diva say, “Wow! I can’t wait for my 16th birthday. I am going to order the best food and the most expensive Vodka. And I am going to match the high that I had last night!” I was ready to faint. “You’re 15!”, I exclaimed before I could hold myself. The guy spoke to me, “Oh yes, she is a baby. I am 18 and Annu (the other girl) is 18 too. We’re mentoring Divanita to be cool chica!”

There were a lot of thoughts in my head. Was I like this too when I was 15? Yes, I was. Did I not realise the risks to my life, my psyche, my body then? I probably did, but felt immortal. What about her parents, don’t they know? Well, mine never did find out. Does this little girl realise that she is probably giving the most important part of herself, her innocence, to something she did not even understand and later in life, wouldn’t even want!

And suddenly, she enthusiastically went on to say that she was excited that Sports Day was coming up in a few weeks. “I will win the 100M dash this year as well”, she confidently declared. I looked her straight into the eye and said, “Well! If you continue to smoke, then maybe next year someone else will.”

I went back to my diary. And I watched her stub out her newly lit cigarette. I felt old, 26, and old…but very happily, wise as well. I was suddenly uncool to these youngsters, but I did not care. I had made my Diva think, and that’s what mattered.

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