Waiting for Dawn!

Posted on August 23, 2007


She sighs; she smiles in half-candle light,
This lady with the mesmerizing eyes, she tries
To hide, to veil, this furtive wait
For dawn to appear at her gate.

Dark of night, and the candle’s ray,
She watches light and shadow make their play.
Little impatient, trifle indulgent,
She watches the wick slowly fray.

Idle thought and deadened mind,
In this vacuum, an eerie peace she finds,
Objects are friends, she gives them place.
Slowly and steadily, she finds they bind.

She looks to the farthest end,
To see if dawn is here to mend
The wounds she hides in the black of the night.
But it’s still a long way to the day’s light.

She plays with the wax, molten and warm,
Happy to see, she can mould it to form
Any shape she wishes to choose.
And suddenly she sees the crack of dawn!

henri, august 18th, Hyderabad

To me, to remind me that the darkest night is before dawn!

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