A Merry Christmas Story!

Posted on December 25, 2006


The original is from Chicken Soup for the Woman’s Soul…An adaptation by me…

It is the coldest Christmas eve in many years. The temperature is falling as the clock is ticking closer to Christmas day. The entire city is decorated with many-splendoured lights. There is magic in the air. There is music in the people’s step. The shopping malls are crowded, and the bakeries are emanating delicious smells of sweets and savouries.

People are finishing their last minute shopping for presents. They walk faster, pulling their caps over their ears, and hugging their coats closer. The night is chilly, but the spirit of Christmas has enveloped the entire city. Smiles are exchanged. Woman, man, children, young, old, sick, healthy…everyone is busy doing their tiny acts of kindness. Christmas is a happy time, it makes us take out time from our busy schedules to look around and be especially nice in case we did not have time all year through.

Golden Harvest Bakery is the busiest bakery during Christmas. A small urchin boy is standing outside. His palms flat on the glass of the shop. His nose plastered at the transparent sheet, his eyes popping out. His mouth waters for a delicious chocolate, the one with the blue foil with silver stars on it. He has no shoes on his feet. His shirt is in tatters. He shivers in the ravaging cold, but he longs for one little chocolate.

A lady, finishing her bakery shopping of assorted breads, biscuits, cakes, cookies, chocolates and savouries is coming out. She watches the little boy. She can read his mind. She comes out, puts her hand through his hair, ruffles it. She bends down, and opens her goody bag, she tells him to choose all the sweets he wants. She gives him her coat too, alongwith a pair of boots.

The boy is thrilled, he asks her, “Lady, are you God?”…the lady laughs, and she says, “No son, I am just one of his children.” The boy, biting into a chocolate says, “Oh, I knew you had to be some relation!”

December 25th 2006

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