Daddy’s Little Girl

Posted on August 25, 2006


I am fourteen today, Daddy…
No longer your little girl, Daddy…

I think this is the time, Daddy
To tell you my secret, Daddy.

There is a man who touches me at night,
There is a man who makes me wake up in fright.

He touches me in between my legs,
and I smell alcohol when he kisses my lips.

He squeezes my breasts hard, they are sore…
He calls me bad names, he calls me his whore…

He stubs me with a cigarette and makes me say I want more…
He says he loves me, and then he pushes in some more…

He says this is how big people make love,
I don’t want to ever be in love, if this is how…

I don’t want to ever be with a man, or marry…
Please protect me, please help me, daddy!

I close my eyes when he touches me at night,
I close my eyes so he is away from my sight.

When I open my eyes, I see its you!
Daddy, I am your little girl,
Daddy why does it have to be you!

I am fourteen today Daddy,
I am sorry I can’t hide it anymore Daddy…
And today I will tell…

No more your little girl, Daddy!
I am sorry.

For a little girl i knew…and for the courage she showed…i pray for you!
Henri…Aug 25th 2006

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