Why am I alive?

Posted on August 16, 2006


Wake up in the morning and pick up the newspaper,
Yawning, yet another day, when I am jolted into consciouness.
Yet another blast, yet another terror threat, yet another war…

What do I do, What can I do, What will I do?
Nothing, Nothing, Nothing is the answer to all my questions.
Why do I have to be alive?

Could it be my father on the train that blew up,
Could it be my mother who watches me being hacked to death,
Could it be my neighbour who leaves the neighbourhood in fear of being killed in a heinous crime of hate…

How will I die? A religious crime of hate,
As an unsuspecting traveller blown up by a bomb,
A victim of rape, of hunger and thirst in a war situation,
in a riot, in a police operation gone bad…how will i die?

What will help? Blaming the government?
Voting for the right party? Hiding in my house?
Prayers? Rhetoric questions about why am I living,
When it is easier and more peaceful to die?

And then, I met a child that I met at Dream A Dream,
She smiled at me, and told me she misses seeing me more often.
She told me she remembered the story of how I studied for my exams even when my mother was ill…

I got my answer, in one nothing of a moment,
my dread was replaced by determination…
I am alive to keep hope alive,
I am alive to touch the lives of those I meet,
I am alive because I chose to be…

Death will never be a peaceful option,
Death is the death of everything,
I am alive!

For me, when I am down and out!

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