Musings From Independence Day

Posted on August 16, 2006


Woke up with a purpose, on August 15th, India’s Independence Day! Wore my tri-coloured clothes and went to church. For many this is routine, for me, it was symbolic in more ways than one. I have not stepped into a place of worship for 5 years now. And I came to pray. It meant many things, it meant mixed emotions, it meant homecoming and it meant resorting to the last resort, God!

I came to church thinking I will pray for world peace. Been really hassled with the present situation in every corner of the world. But as I sat on a bench, looking toward Jesus Christ, try as I would, a prayer for peace would not surface to my consciouness. It just would not. I tried to say stop people from slaying one another, stop people spreading fear psychoses, stop people from living in anticipation of the worst…but it just would not.

I sat there for the longest time, and looked around. Peace flooded me in a few minutes, and I prayed for strength. Strength of character. The ability to put myself last, and to continue on my mission of peace. Now, I have always considered myself as a selfish person, and such a prayer from me, and the how and why escapes me even now. I was angry with myself. Had I no sense of self preservation! How could I want to save a world full of indifference! How could “i”, an almost negligible speck of dust in the universe save the world!

And I sat there…forever more…

The answer was clear…the ripple effect…If I have to do anything about the present situation, I would have to take action, before waiting for someone else to make the first move, take that first step…I have to act, because when I drop a stone in calm waters, it creates ripples till far far away…I am just a stone, and the world is my ocean!

I throw this first stone inside…and I am hoping to see the first ripples soon…I am alive!

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