The Morning on August 12th

Posted on August 12, 2006


This morning finds me worried about the world.
Terror strike threats for India, UK, US.
Where are we headed…for how long?
How long before the revolution meets the evolution…
How long before I can wake up in peace
and enjoy the chirping of the birds on my balcony…

What will it take to have newspapers announce
that 25 samaritans took out a rally for peace and
asked the terrorists to join them?
How long before we all get tired of this and
are egged into action?
How long before we begin treating 15th August
as more than a holiday and seep in the gravity
of what terror strikes mean to freedom?

How long before I can begin writing about
love, lust and the beauty of a child’s eyes…
How long before my room mates stop asking me to shut up
when I talk of TERRORISM and stop thinking of me
as someone who ruined their Friday night Party.
Maybe I don’t know the world,
Maybe I don’t know I am a speck
of insiginificant flesh and blood…

How long before all the insignificant
people come together!
How long before Freedom is
not a chapter in the Civics Textbook…
How long before Freedom becomes history,
A history we are not allowed to study!

How long before the savage in us is unleashed
and the indifference buried deep inside?
How long, How long!

Henri, August 12th 2006
“A not so happy morning”

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