Diary of a Soilder

Posted on August 11, 2006


I have come back from an important mission!
It was successful, was it really?
As I walked away, I looked back,
Smouldering smoke and demolished homes,
Chilling silence down the busy market place from 20 minutes ago.
People lying on the roads, I could not understand why?
A split second later I remembered, It was ‘I’!

It was ‘I’ who came here looking for my targets,
It was ‘I’ who came here came here proud!
It was ‘I’ who was determined to make my God happy,
It was ‘I’ who came here to fulfill my duty!
Now it is ‘I’ who cannot understand why!

I sit here in a corner trying to gather myself
And I think of the little girl who will gather her mother’s body parts,
she ought to be collecting flowers.
I sit here in a corner trying to reason out loud
and all I can hear is the griefstricken father shout!

The mosque is secluded, and the temple ransacked,
The God’s have escaped too I suppose,
Which God will live where faith means hate!
Ironical that the two should rhyme…

I remember how the vendor was happy
As he was paid his day’s first earnings
He will never buy that red ribbon or the cricket ball
He will never kiss his wife good night
I remember the last look on his face, as he died!
He called for “Allah” and he said his resting prayer
He did not even have time to think Life is Unfair!

I am distraught, it is not allowed…
these are sacrifices we make
to have evil disappear from our country…
So I gather my self, wipe my sword clean,
Pick up my cell phone and dial a number…

I have got my new assignment,
I have to go…
Where I cannot say…
When will I be back, I don’t know…
If I will be back, I will write more…

It is interesting to be the mind of a soilder!

Henri, August 11th 2006

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